Macsween haggis shouldn’t taste this good

Venison haggis fig tatin
Macsween Venison haggis: Full of rich game and sweet fig flavours. Great with a Scottish ale.

Love it or loath it, haggis gets you talking. Passionate haggis lovers extol its unique earthy taste while detractors focus on its offal production methods.

The thing is, as we move into 2015, the year of Scottish Food and Drink, haggis has moved forward too. Legendary haggis producers Macsween’s new range of haggis are bursting with fresh ingredients and tantalising flavours, and should now rightly be compared with popular modern ingredients like chorizo and salami.

A modern reinterpretation of our beloved, but little understood, dish

Spicing up haggis flavours shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Haggis has always been an amazingly versatile dish. As James Macsween explains,

‘Haggis was historically made from a variety of animals, whatever ancient man was hunting. But, over the last 100 years, we have grown increasingly accustomed to lamb as the main ingredient. So we are using the 60th anniversary of our company to add extra excitement to haggis with a modern interpretation of our beloved, but little understood, dish.’

Macsween has created four new haggis flavours in total – venison haggis, three bird haggis, wild boar haggis and morroccan spiced vegetarian haggis. It is hard to pick a favourite (and trust us, we have tried.)

Venison Haggis is made with rich venison and infused with port, juniper, redcurrants and spices.  It’s strongly flavoured and has a good crumbly texture.  Best served with seasonal vegetables or in a venison haggis and fig tatin.

Macsween Haggis with Venison

Macsween three bird haggis is inspired by the popular Christmas roast of the same name and is a moreish trio of duck, pheasant and grouse subtly smoked with lavender, quince and spices. Great in wellington canapés and Scotch eggs.

Macsween Three Bird Haggis

Macsween Wild Boar Haggis is succulent and sweet with pear, wild mushrooms and spices. Excellent on its own or added to your favourite burger recipe for great BBQ and party food.

Macsween Haggis with Wild Boar
Moroccan Spiced Vegetarian Haggis has a sweet, spiced depth, with fragrant apricots, prunes, ginger and lime. This makes a great stuffing for your favourite roast, or empanadas if you fancy something a little more exotic.

Macsween Moroccan Spice Vegetarian Haggis

Delivered around the UK and Europe

In our minds, there are too many Scots and honorary Scots who are missing these tasty new flavours. Fortunately we deliver anywhere in the UK and to all of Europe too on a date of your choosing (Monday to Friday to ensure freshness).

You too can taste why Macsween haggis is worth celebrating.

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