Festive Haggis Recipes for your Christmas Feast


Fancy adding some Scottish spice to Christmas Day? Here are some traditional and more innovative takes on festive haggis dishes, complete with links to recipes and famed Scottish foods that will work a treat around the turkey.

Haggis sausage rolls
Haggis sausage rolls are a greater winter warmer, and work well as canapes on Christmas Day.

Vegetarian Haggis and Mustard Bites

Whip up these dinky morsels created by Jacqueline Meldrum and serve them as canapes with your pre-dinner drinks. All you need is haggis, puff pastry, and wholegrain mustard (perhaps with added whisky to add a little zip)

Serve with a malt and redcurrant dipping sauce.

Turkey with haggis stuffing by Delicious Magazine
Turkey with haggis stuffing by Delicious Magazine

Haggis Stuffed Turkey

Combine good quality haggis with apple, sage and fresh breadcrumbs to add rich earthy flavours to your Christmas roast.


Warm Vegetarian Haggis Salad
This warm vegetarian salad is a fresh and flavoursome alternative to turkey. It combines the peppery spices of the pulses and beans in the vegetarian haggis with red onion, radish, avocado, and Stilton cheese.

Chicken Balmoral
Chicken breast stuffed with Haggis, a.k.a Chicken Balmoral

Chicken Balmoral
Chicken breast is much quicker to prepare than a roast, stuffed with haggis, and wrapped in bacon is a delicious alternative to the traditional Christmas roast, and it is much quicker to prepare.

Kind regards,

Lee and the Haggis UK team

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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