Macsween Haggis Nachos

Looking for something light, tasty and quick to prepare? You can’t go wrong with these haggis nachos. They take only 10 minutes to prepare and will move almost as swiftly from the plate. Enjoy!

 Preparation time: less than 10 minutes. Serves 2


Macsween vegetarian haggis – 454 g
Large bag of tortilla chips
Tub of guacamole
Jar of salsa
Tub of sour cream
Fresh coriander

Optional extras to consider:

Jalapeño peppers
Fresh chillies
Grated cheddar



  1. Heat some Macsween Haggis in the microwave per the packet instructions.
  2. Empty the large bag of tortilla chips onto a large plate.
  3. Dollop generous spoonfuls of guacamole and salsa over the chips and add a few jalapeño peppers if desired.
  4. Once the haggis is piping hot, dot spoonfuls onto the top of the nachos, adding a few spoonfuls of sour cream and roughly chopped coriander to finish.

To serve

1. Top with cheese and fresh chillies and eat immediately (with beer).

Feeling inspired?

Why not try some more haggis recipes from Jo Macsween’s  The Haggis Bible available here.

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