Is haggis good for you?

Moroccan Spiced Vegetarian Haggis Empanadas

The Scottish diet is often the butt of jokes, it's true. So you might be surprised to learn that haggis - and particularly vegetarian haggis - is actually rather good for you.

Not the deep fried version of course (although haggis pakora is so moreish ). We're talking traditional and vegetarian haggis which is usually served with a plate full of seasonal vegetables, and in more recent times, as an essential ingredient in inspired dishes

Because a haggis is not just for Burn’s Night

Macsween Haggis

It has been a busy summer. We've got a lovely new office and a shiny new blog. It’s amazing to think our family has been part of Haggis UK for five years now. Since 2009, we've grown from a simple delivery service to a thriving luxury hamper business. We are passionate about championing Scotland’s award-winning … Continue reading Because a haggis is not just for Burn’s Night