Is haggis good for you?

Moroccan Spiced Vegetarian Haggis Empanadas

The Scottish diet is often the butt of jokes, it's true. So you might be surprised to learn that haggis - and particularly vegetarian haggis - is actually rather good for you. Not the deep fried version of course (although haggis pakora is so moreish ). We're talking traditional and vegetarian haggis which is usually served with a plate full of seasonal vegetables, and in more recent times, as an essential ingredient in inspired dishes

What is haggis? And other questions

Macsween Haggis

Haggis is surrounded by myths and misconceptions.  If you’ve put haggis hunting on your must-do list when visiting Scotland then you are in for a surprise. Haggis is not ‘a wild furry three-legged beast of the Highlands', it is Scotland’s national dish and probably one of Scotland’s most famous icons. Here are answers to some of the most common … Continue reading What is haggis? And other questions

Because a haggis is not just for Burn’s Night

Macsween Haggis

It has been a busy summer. We've got a lovely new office and a shiny new blog. It’s amazing to think our family has been part of Haggis UK for five years now. Since 2009, we've grown from a simple delivery service to a thriving luxury hamper business. We are passionate about championing Scotland’s award-winning … Continue reading Because a haggis is not just for Burn’s Night